Jason Scholtz considers the different kinds of social responsibility within a company

Social responsibility and social values within a company has a huge benefit on the overall social standing a company possesses. Having a higher social standing will benefit a company as its users will have greater trust in the product or services. Apart from that, the staff of the company will value their positions and will work together more effectively as a team. While working to improve the Khomisani Primary School, Jason Scholtz made a huge effort to give the children enough resources to care for their own environment. The children at Khomisani Primary School has also learned that giving back to the community is the best way of uniting together to make the world a better place.

Here are some projects that Jason Scholtz has gotten involved in to reach a higher social standing:

  • Environmental projects – Minimizing the carbon footprint companies leave behind benefits both companies and the environment as a whole. If a company makes an extra effort to give back to the environment, it will give a more positive image of that company.
  • Philanthropy – Charities and local community projects are also a great way for companies reach a higher social ranking. Donating to charities will give both employers and consumers new hope for the future. There is no benefit in donating to a specific charity a few times a year; the company should be involved with the charity of its choice and do as much as possible for that charity within set boundaries.
  • Labour projects – A company exists mainly out of the employees that keep the business running smoothly. If a company treats every single employer with respect and in a fair manner, it will reflect positively to the consumers and through word of mouth and other means, social responsibility can be reached more easily. Labour projects can consist of any labour related issue such as school building.
  • Volunteering projects – There is a wide variety of volunteering projects that a company can be part of. Volunteering entails doing things without expecting anything in return. Companies can become part of volunteering projects and through this, express what it feels passionate about. Volunteering is one of the best team building projects and can include anything from helping to take care of the elderly or assisting at a homeless shelter.

A higher social standing makes a successful business

Companies that want to have a high social standing need to be prepared to give back to society without expecting to be acknowledged for it. Jason Scholtz says it is important to practice what you preach and live towards what you and your company believes in. Your employees need to value the company that they are employed by and live by the companies values.

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