Jason Scholtz advises on how to avoid truck tyre damage

Vehicle overloading can cause tyres to run smooth within a short period and if left unfixed, can cause accidents and tyre damage. Jason Scholtz says that it is known for trucking companies to run on tight schedules and overloading can happen because of time management dysfunction or employee error.

Jason Scholtz gives a few tips on how to avoid vehicle overloading and damage to the tyres of your vehicle:

  • Know what your vehicle’s weight limits are – Each vehicle has a prescribed axle weight and maximum permissible gross vehicle weight and a truck should never exceed these numbers as it can cause serious tyre issues.
  • Even transporting of goods – In some cases, the gross vehicle weight may not be exceeded but the axle weight is exceeded. Should this happen, it can be harder to handle the vehicle and tyre damage can occur.
  • Axle and vehicle weight – It is important to take into account what the total axle and vehicle weight is before you take on the journey. The axle and vehicle weight will not be correct if there are passengers, goods and fuel involved. To know the exact weight, you need to make use of a weighbridge or axle weigh scale.
  • Road obligations – Before you drive a truck, you need to familiarise yourself with the Road Safety Act and the Road Vehicle Regulations to ensure you know what limitations there are to vehicle loads and overloading.
  • Road damage – As there are roads that are damaged from overuse, trucks are still obliged to transport goods on these roads as it may be the only road to use to get to your destination. Checking the weight of your vehicle will ensure there is no extra damage to your vehicle or to the road.

Jason Scholtz urges companies to avoid vehicle overloading and increase tyre safety

If you do not overload your vehicle, you will enjoy the maximum use of your tyres over a longer period without having to replace them.

Jason Scholtz and his team at Transking will assist you with any tyres you may need. Contact us today if you require more information.

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