What corporate social development means to Jason Scholtz

As the MD of service group, Midway Two, Jason Scholtz is a businessman with an eye for detail and a hunger for success. Thus far, he managed to achieve incredible things for his business, opening over 20 different branches throughtout southern Africa. Watching his establishment grow from strength to strength is always a rewarding experience. However, there is only one other thing that gets him just as passionate – and that is corporate social development in South Africa.

What’s the point of achieving success if you can’t do anything meaningful with it? Corporate social development is an important part of Jason Scholtz life, providing him with the chance to uplift communities and help those who need it most… and almost everyone will agree that there is truly nothing more rewarding than that!

Recently, Jason Scholtz focused his attention on Khomisani Primary School and on doing everything in his power to improve its facilities in an effort to provide the children with a healthier environment and a better education. Khomisani Primary School is a public school located in Bode, Greater Giyani Rural, Limpopo. It educates almost 1500 learners every year. Jason Scholtz hopes that with his donation, it can continue do so for many years to come.

Ultimately, corporate social investment and social responsibility is an important part of being a businessman, and is something that Jason Scholtz takes very seriously indeed. Giving back to the community should always mean and be more than just an obligation for successful businessmen… it should be a blessing too! For more information about corporate social development, or on this particular corporate upliftment project, and Jason Scholtz in general, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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